Have a Great Weekend Getaway with a Beachfront Accommodation in Jervisbay!

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If you are planning to have a weekend vacation, visiting Jervisbay would be a wonderful idea.

It boasts of a bay that stretches over 100 kilometers and is famous for its very clear water and white sands. According to Jervisbaytourism.asn.com.au, it is even considered as one of the safest in the whole world, not to mention the most beautiful. To fully enjoy the beauty of this place, it is just appropriate that you choose a beachfront Jervisbay accommodation.

Jervisbay accommodation

Jervisbay accommodation


The Perks

First of all, you will have more time enjoying various sceneries if you stay close to the beach. You also won’t have to take a ride so you can save on transportation expenses. Relaxing won’t be a problem as you can hear the sound of the waves and benefit from the calming effect it brings. You can also just sit back and relax while you enjoy the beautiful sunset. If you are into photography or you just love to take pictures with your phone or digital camera, you will definitely have a blast since you can take snaps all you want. Day and night swimming would also be convenient as you can just walk straight from where you are staying right down to the beach. A beachfront Jervisbay accommodation would also be perfect for nature lovers since they can swim at the beach rather than swimming pools and the Booderee National Park is just nearby. You will also have more time to do outdoor activities such as beach volleyball, fishing, kayaking, and dolphin watching.


Determine which type of Jervisbay accommodation you would really need. Take into account the people you will be travelling with and their various needs. The accommodation you will choose will also have to depend on your budget. You may need special services so have them arranged beforehand. Create a checklist of all the important things that you have to consider and go through it for days before your scheduled trip to the bay. Doing so allows you to eliminate any travel concerns you may have and avoid any future problems.

Possible Options

There are plenty of good hotels Jervisbay offers. There are also other types of accommodations such as bed and breakfasts, holiday houses, and apartments. Each normally offers basic amenities such as an air-conditioned room, a private bath, a television, a 24-hour security, a pool, and a free internet access. Here is a list of possible options:

·         Jervis Bay Vista

·         Worrowing Jervis Bay Eco Resort

·         Jervis Bay Waterfront

·         The Bay Beachfront

·         Paraway Waterfront Beach House

·         Boracay on Jervis Bay

Check out other travel websites or utilise search engines for more alternatives. You can also seek recommendations from any of your acquaintances who have been to this place. If you want to make sure that you pick the best place to stay, you can also read some feedbacks online or check their customer ratings.

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